Is communication an issue in your house?

Teens do you feel your parents don’t understand you?

Parents do you feel your teens don’t seem to hear you?

Today, the stress of teens rivals that of adults. In the American Psychological Association’s “Stress in America” survey, younger Americans report higher average stress levels and more often they find that their stress levels increased compared to the year prior. In this study many teens opened up about feeling overwhelmed, anxious or nervous, depressed, and tired as some of the negative effects of the stress. As a result, many are unable to express themselves in a healthy manner and both parents and teens are left struggling to relate.

EMU offers interactive and intensive eight-week teen and parent programs that focuses on improving team work and communication skills within the teen-parent dynamic. Our programs are designed to bring families together; to be inspired, play, have fun, and learn together.

Here are what students and parents are saying about our programs:

“The information given will help me grow and change. I want to develop my values and gifts”

“You can practice all these lessons daily”

“Not only have I learned how to appreciate myself more, but I now understand more about myself”

“I have been able to use the information from the workshop to connect better with my teen”

During our eight-week programs teens, young adults and parents will participate in experiential learning activities selected to encourage trust, collaboration, managing stress, communication, team building and problem-solving skills. Each week participants will be introduced to a core image-based character curriculum concept. They will engage in several experiential learning games and activities, along with meaningful group discussions on the character component, and deeper small group interactions.


Winter/Spring Programs:




Sunday Afternoons, 12pm to 1:30pm

Play, engage, and learn in this highly interactive program. Focus on leading and understanding yourself. Discover more about yourself and those around you.


Tuesday Evenings, 5:30pm to 7pm

Play hard, learn hard as you dig deeper into leading self and connecting with others. Learn more about the journey and our influence on others all around us.


Sunday Afternoons, 2pm to 3:30pm

Life’s about changing – nothing really stays the same. Come play and engage. Learn through activities, images and build skills to help you navigate the changes and transitions life brings your way.



Call Michelle Whittaker at 760-481-8619 or email at
Limited Space Available



Registration Fees: $20 per person, $50 maximum per family