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You can help make a difference in the lives of these young people and their families simply by saying YES – yes to building a more positive future.  Your SUPPORT will help bring empowerment events and long-term solutions to these young people and give them the resources and experiences to know “I am Enough” and to build a happier, healthier future.

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We our passionate about what we do. We empower our kids. We believe our at-risk youth need long-term solutions. We build self-esteem. We take action – by funding unique programs or bringing empowerment experiences. Together, we accomplish great things. If you would like to get involved, let us know.

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Empower Me Up will provide two different scholarship programs; one designed to offset the cost of attendance at a long-term therapeutic boarding school or similar program; and the other designed to help fund empowerment projects and experiences. Currently, both of these scholarship programs are under review and are pending approval by the IRS. For more information on these programs, see below.

Long-Term Therapeutic Schools/Programs:

Empower Me Up will provide scholarships to middle and high school students struggling with emotional issues, behavioral issues and developmental disabilities who are admitted to and are attending long-term therapeutic boarding schools or similar programs to help offset the cost of these long-term therapeutic programs. These scholarships will range in amounts, based on the foundation’s available funds and the recipient’s financial need.

The students must be nominated for scholarship by the school or program that the potential scholarship recipient is or will be attending; and such application shall be submitted by the parents or guardians of the potential recipient. Such nomination shall be based primarily upon financial need, but may consider other factors, such as recipient’s desire for help to overcome his/her emotional or behavioral issues, family or other support, projected benefit of the therapeutic program, and other appropriate factors as the board may choose. Funding for additional years will be based on the recipients continued success and progress in the applicable program as determined by the school/program therapeutic staff and directors. Due to the confidential nature of such treatment programs, if a scholarship, other than a one-time scholarship is awarded to a recipient, the parents or guardians of the scholarship recipient and the scholarship recipient himself/herself will be required to sign a waiver that will allow the disclosure of limited information from the school/ program therapist to indicate the recipient is benefitting from the school/program both academically and therapeutically.

Empowerment Experiences & Projects:

Empower Me Up will also provide scholarships to the target population, who are seeking funds to be able to attend or participate in an empowerment experience or project and demonstrate financial need. Such scholarships shall range in amounts of $100 – $1,000.

Eligible recipients seeking funds to participate in an empowerment experience or project, must be in the foundation’s target population and demonstrate financial need. The recipients will be chosen by the Board, based upon demonstration of financial need, and a formalized request, in any format (written, video, music, etc.) that adequately describes the project and explains why the opportunity would empower the proposed recipient. Applications for projects proposed by minors must also be signed by a parent or legal guardian.